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Breastfeeding: The Freezer Stash

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When pumping to build a freezer stash, it’s best to pump one extra session per day, preferably in the very early morning (between 4 and 8 am) when your supply is highest. Most ladies feed their little one and then pump in an hour or so. You can also try feeding you baby on one side and pumping on the other side. Some people pump several extra sessions per day. The problem with this is Read the rest of this entry


Breastfeeding: Moo! Pumping those Boobies

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If you’re going back to work and plan on breastfeeding, a good pump is essential. While there are a lot of pumps out there, our hospital’s lactation consultant recommended the Medela Pump in Style (and no one paid me to say that!)  After getting mine out of the box and sanitizing everything, it took me a little bit of time to figure how to use the darn thing. Here’s a quick, no nonsense guide to using an electric breast pump. Read the rest of this entry