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Reversible Crib Rail Covers

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I’m putting this on the list of things I wish I would have known before baby. I have the clear plastic guards for the front of the crib, but I never bothered with the sides. Charlotte doesn’t spend a lot of time in her crib unless she’s asleep, so I didn’t think I needed them. The fact that she has eight teeth and chews on everything really should have clued me in that this could be a problem. A few weeks ago, I walked into her room and discovered this. . .
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Sunscreen Safety Ratings

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I have been slathering up in a Banana Boat since I was a little kid. And as a baby, my mom slathered me up in Water Babies. Who doesn’t love that little girl and dog on the bottle? I know that many of your first reactions to this article will be, “I’ve always used (insert favorite sunscreen here), and I turned out just fine!” Well, I’m here to tell you that Read the rest of this entry