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Invitation Artwork

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This is a quick little craft that I did to incorporate our invitation into the birthday decorations. It’s incredibly simple. You’ll need two copies of your invite, foam, cardboard, and glue.
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Five Tiered Cupcake Stand

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You read that right! FIVE tiers! We are having cupcakes for Charlotte’s first birthday party, and her theme is Alice in Wonderland. This was really, REALLY easy to do. The best part? It only cost $11 in glassware and $4 for glue. That’s it! I want to give a shout out to Meghan for the idea. She made one of these bad boys, which inspired me to try it on my own.

Birthday Party Sneak Peak

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Anyone want to guess what I’m working on for Charlotte’s birthday party?

Anyone? Any guesses? 🙂

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“Wonder”ful Party Hats
Birthday Banner
Birthday Party Sneak Peak
♦ Five Tiered Cupcake Stand

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Birthday Banner

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I was wondering around a party supply store when I realized that I am so very tired of streamers and regular, boring birthday banners! I looked around online, and flag banners seem to be all the rage. They are also really easy (and cheap) to make! Read the rest of this entry

“Wonder”ful Party Hats

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Charlotte is turning one in a month (WOW, right?!), and the theme for her birthday party is “Alice in Wonderland.” I’m so excited about this. I have several fun do it yourself projects planned, and I plan on sharing them with you. So, stay tuned for some fun party crafts!

To start us off, what’s a party without some great party hats? We will have two different kinds, in case some of the manly men aren’t into mini hats. The first hat is based on a video on this website. It’s about halfway down, under the title “How to Make a Mini Top Hat Video.”

Mini Mad Hats

I am a crazy person who made 28 of these things, so I had a whole stack of supplies. To make just one hat, Read the rest of this entry