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Pork Chops and Green Beans

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When cooking for my husband and myself, I often try to plan meals so that my daughter can eat a little of what we are eating. What does this mean? This means that part of the meal needs to involve nutritious, organic foods that are prepared without added salt. I might use a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, but only enough so that what I’m cooking doesn’t stick to the pan. I also use only those spices that we have already introduced. Right now, that includes garlic, basil, parsley, and cinnamon.

I have never bought jarred or packaged baby food – We have always made our own. When Charlotte was younger, Read the rest of this entry


Homemade Baby Food: Pancakes

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These pancakes are so good, my husband actually sneaks bites of them off of my daughter’s high chair tray. They are made with egg yolks and breastmilk/formula, because egg whites and cow’s milk are common allergens that we haven’t introduced yet. There’s no added sugar, but the breastmilk and bananas are sweet enough to make up for it. (In case you weren’t paying attention, they have boob milk in them, and my husband still sneaks bites of them. They are that good!) Read the rest of this entry

Homemade Baby Food: Zucchini

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I promise to get back to discussing breastfeeding, but I wanted to give you all a taste (ha!) of some baby food recipes. My daughter loves zucchini. When we first introduced solids, I would mix it with other veggies to get her to eat them. Now that we’re onto diced foods, she still loves it. I’m including directions on both how to make pureed and diced zucchini. Really, the directions can be applied to most steamed fruits and veggies. Read the rest of this entry