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Brat Bans

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A few months ago, my mother and I went shopping and grabbed lunch at the local Olive Garden – which was lovely. (I couldn’t stop myself from making an Old School reference there!) We had Charlotte with us, and I was armed with a high chair cover, placemat, snacks, and a sippy cup. She was just discovering her voice at that time, and spent lunch randomly squealing and giggling. We thought it was adorable. A couple sitting near us did not, and spent lunch glaring at us. Read the rest of this entry

UPrinting 18″ X 24″ Custom Poster Giveaway

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WIN IT! We are giving away a poster sized photo print!

UPrinting is an affordable, easy place to make all kinds of custom paper products online. They have business products, but also have products that appeal to me as a mother, such as calendars, invitations, cards, and poster printing. Uprinting offers several different size posters, and allows you to upload from many file types. I was so excited when they contacted me to do a giveaway. UPrinting is offering up an 18” X 24” poster print!

One lucky winner will receive: Read the rest of this entry

Birthday Banner

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I was wondering around a party supply store when I realized that I am so very tired of streamers and regular, boring birthday banners! I looked around online, and flag banners seem to be all the rage. They are also really easy (and cheap) to make! Read the rest of this entry

Pork Chops and Green Beans

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When cooking for my husband and myself, I often try to plan meals so that my daughter can eat a little of what we are eating. What does this mean? This means that part of the meal needs to involve nutritious, organic foods that are prepared without added salt. I might use a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, but only enough so that what I’m cooking doesn’t stick to the pan. I also use only those spices that we have already introduced. Right now, that includes garlic, basil, parsley, and cinnamon.

I have never bought jarred or packaged baby food – We have always made our own. When Charlotte was younger, Read the rest of this entry

Little Feet

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My baby girl started walking today. She is eleven months and one day old. Her daddy and I were both there to see it. She took three shaky, uncertain steps toward me (and a toy that she wanted), and then fell into me. Read the rest of this entry

Breastfeeding: The Freezer Stash

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When pumping to build a freezer stash, it’s best to pump one extra session per day, preferably in the very early morning (between 4 and 8 am) when your supply is highest. Most ladies feed their little one and then pump in an hour or so. You can also try feeding you baby on one side and pumping on the other side. Some people pump several extra sessions per day. The problem with this is Read the rest of this entry

“Wonder”ful Party Hats

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Charlotte is turning one in a month (WOW, right?!), and the theme for her birthday party is “Alice in Wonderland.” I’m so excited about this. I have several fun do it yourself projects planned, and I plan on sharing them with you. So, stay tuned for some fun party crafts!

To start us off, what’s a party without some great party hats? We will have two different kinds, in case some of the manly men aren’t into mini hats. The first hat is based on a video on this website. It’s about halfway down, under the title “How to Make a Mini Top Hat Video.”

Mini Mad Hats

I am a crazy person who made 28 of these things, so I had a whole stack of supplies. To make just one hat, Read the rest of this entry