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The Dog Food Problem

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I have found a solution to what has become known at my house as “the dog food problem.

For those of you that missed my earlier post, my daughter likes to go after the dog’s food. A lot. I cannot turn my back on this child for two seconds without her going after the dog food.

Here she is again, hand in dog food. Right before I snapped this pic, she was sitting by the edge of the counter with her back to me and her left hand just out of my view. And she was whispering. She seems to do that when she’s getting into something she shouldn’t be. I know that eleven months old is too little to be deceptive, but I’m beginning to wonder if she doesn’t understand more than we give her credit for. . .

As fun as it was constantly intercepting that little hand going for the dog food, those days are now behind us. I have found a solution! We have this inflatable penguin that was given to us last Christmas. It’s like a giant weeble wooble with balls inside, and it makes annoying music and shouts “YaHoo!” when you touch it.

Charlotte is terrified of the thing. Every time I would bump it and the music would start, she would frantically crawl up my leg. I was planning on getting rid of it, and then it hit me. The penguin has a new purpose now – guardian of the dog food. The first time Charlotte crawled over there and saw the penguin standing guard, she started crying and crawled away as fast as her little hands and knees could carry her. It. was. awesome. I wish I had it on tape. Now, she sits across the kitchen and yells at him, but does not get too close. And mommy can cook a meal in peace again.

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  1. Ha! What a great idea! Our pigs don’t leave any food in their bowls when their done so we don’t have to worry about this.

  2. Thanks! Our dog is a piggy too – just not when it comes to dog food. 🙂


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