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Homemade Baby Food: Zucchini

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I promise to get back to discussing breastfeeding, but I wanted to give you all a taste (ha!) of some baby food recipes. My daughter loves zucchini. When we first introduced solids, I would mix it with other veggies to get her to eat them. Now that we’re onto diced foods, she still loves it. I’m including directions on both how to make pureed and diced zucchini. Really, the directions can be applied to most steamed fruits and veggies.

Step One: Wash it!

That’s one attractive zucchini!

While it’s not organic, it is locally grown. I picked it up at the farmer’s market over the weekend. I freakin’ love the farmer’s market. But I digress. . .

Step Two: Chop it!

Chop up your zucchini. I cut them into pieces that are about two inches, but the important part is that the pieces are uniform so that they cook evenly.

Step Three: Steam it!

I love this steamer. I borrowed it from my parents and have yet to give it back. (Sorry, Mom and Dad!)

  +  = 
To use a steamer, boil the water in a pot. After it’s boiling, place the steamer basket full of zucchini on top. Cook it until it’s done. On medium-high heat on our gas stove, that was about 15 minutes. The zucchini is done when a knife inserted goes in easily. After it’s done, rinse it in cold water. This will stop the cooking process and make the pieces easier to handle.

When making purees, save the water in the pot in case you need to thin it out.  You will not need to do this for zucchini though – It’s watery enough. Do not use the cooking water to thin out “root veggies” that might be high in nitrates. More on that later.

Step Four: Peel it!

Cut off the peelings, and cut out the seeds.

Step Five: Chop/Puree it!

If you plan on pureeing the zucchini, you can use a food processor, bullet, traditional blender, or immersion blender. I use a Cuisinart food processor. Little Miss Independent has been very into feeding herself, so I diced the Zucchini. If I decide later that I want a little of it turned into a puree, I can always do that a serving at a time. I use a bullet (no, not the baby bullet) for that.

Step Six: Freeze it!

Ice cube trays rock. They make perfect, one ounce servings. Mine have lids, but you can use regular trays covered with plastic wrap.  After the zucchini is frozen into cubes, pop them out

and store them in a freezer bag. I like to divide them into smaller sandwich bags, and then put those in a freezer bag.

The frozen food will stay good for a few months. After you thaw it, you have to use it within 24 hours.
When making the food fresh, it should stay good for 48 hours. When warming it up, please use glass and not plastic!

Check back for more baby food recipes and tips!

Oh, yeah – and remember the dog food pact? I now have evidence!

I’m onto you two. . .

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  1. Celia Hicklin

    Once the frozen, diced veggies are thawed, how do you keep them from being mushy? I have only ever done homemade purees.

    • Because you are technically going to cook (warm) them again, I think the trick is to not steam them too long to begin with. I’ve also frozen diced broccoli, carrot, (raw) melon, and sweet potato fries. It makes it so much easier at meal times – I can just grab something quick if I need to.

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  3. Have you checked out This is my go-to site for baby/toddler/family food. All of her recipes are easy and healthy. My son just turned 3 and we LOVE her recipes! Since you mentioned zucchini, her zucchini coins are one of his favorites….you will find so many to try!


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